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Influencer Special

TWiNTEE Influencer 2020

Take the chance to become part of an innovation in a new golf era!




How can I become a TWiNTEE influencer? 

 Since 2020 we have come up with a special program in which every influencer and blogger has the opportunity to receive printed TWiNTEEs with a personal logo for posts. We provide 20 tees for each photo / post in which TWiNTEE is mentioned with @twinteegolf im Bild getagt und #twinteegolf in the comment. If a certain amount is reached, these will be sent. Of course, a division of the lengths as usual is freely selectable, as well as the personal design.

As a start bonus, you get an additional 100 TWiNTEE's in the pool for the first photo ...




How do I get my first TWiNTEEs?

 We offer the possibility to design your own tee in our webshop. After uploading the design, simply complete the order with the package of your choice and the basic equipment is on the way. In the course of the bonus level, you also get the opportunity to send TWiNTEEs to one of your friends. This can also be used to equip or support a tournament event.




What rules do I have to consider?

  • Complete the order with a personal design in the TWiNTEE web shop, to set up the account and transfer the personal data
  • Follow @twinteegolf on Instagram / Facebook
  • Snap photos, shoot videos that clearly show TWiNTEE.
  • Play golf!
  • Upload individually to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Set @twinteegolf as a tag in the picture / video and mention #twinteegolf in the comment.

20 Tees pro Foto

Earn 20 tees for each posted photo

100 Tees Startbonus

100 tees start bonus

  • Reaching the first stage of dispatch:
    • First delivery at 220 tees or on March 31st
    • Second delivery for 1020 tees not before June 31st
    • Third delivery for 2020 tees not before November 31st
  • The number of tees provided is limited to 2020 in the current calendar year.
  • Of the last 1000 pieces, 20% - 50% are printed as a #friendbonus with another logo of a friend and sent to his/her shipping adress.
  • Submission of a friend's desired logo.
  • ... and keep on golfing. Maybe at the Murhof Golf Club with headstart?
Have a nice game and happy blogging, your team from TWiNTEE.golf




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Gentleman Golf Blog 🔹
@banditgolfapparel Ambassador
🎩 Always be a gentleman.
🍻 Having fun is rule N1.
Play with style.
♥️ Addicted to golf.

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Alessandro Marchetti G.C.


Alessandro Marchetti G.C.
Teaching golf it’s art and science! 📚
PGA MEMBER 🇮🇹 • Certified CAPTO Putting Technology 🎯.@captogolf • Trackman Owner 💥 • US KIDS Coach 🇺🇸

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/ 🇩🇪 b e r l i n
⠀⠀/ ⛳️ @golf_fleesensee
⠀⠀/ 🎱 @pearlgolf_com
⠀⠀/ ♂️ @mizunoeuropegolf
⠀⠀/ by me

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Christian Weckesser
@pearlgolf_com 10% Code: Nineironchris85
♂️ Golf Addicted and Lifestyler
⛳ HCP 2019 -25.5
💭 #nieohnemeineisen9

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Founder @golf_meets_ig
@pearlgolf_com 10% Code Golftraveler2019
@bomaxgolf 10% Code golftraveler_g
Map of played courses (345)

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The Product

  • traditional look
  • modern qualitative materials
  • available in 3 lengths
  • printable with any logo
  • small quantities possible
  • USGA and R&A compliant
  • can be combined with logo balls
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»I have been enthusiastic about this tee since the first tests, the performance is incredible.«



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