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This hybrid golf tee is combining the advantages of wood and polymer for performance and first class marketing. The feedback which is given by the professionals and amateurs is inspiring: A personalized TWiNTEE is an eyecatcher, it enhances fun and joy at playing and gives a feeling of safety
at the tee-off you are used to. Visit our Shop ...

 - a quality product of Hybrid Composite Produkts GmbH ... »


personalized golftee 70mm | TWiNTEE

#2¾in | for powerful

golf tee 55mm | TWiNTEE personalized

#2⅛in | for tee off
with woods

customized twintee 35mm | GOLFTEE

#1⅛in | for precise

The Product

  • traditional look
  • modern biobased materials
  • 3 different lengths
  • brandable with any kind of logo
  • combinable with golf balls
  • in small quantities available
  • annual subscriptions
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» Since the first tests I am thrilled with this Tee, the performance is unbeatable. «



available worldwide

We love headstart


We want everyone to see a better tomorrow.

World of TwinTee
DI Gottfried Steiner


... designed by IB STEINER

TWiNTEE Maths Riddle

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 Amateurs like it, Professionals recommend it, Sponsors appreciate it ... everyone LOVEs it | TWiNTEE - official partner of
  ALPS TOUR as well as the  MURHOF GROUP  and HEADSTART - Success starts in your Head. Go another way, the benefits are obvious.

With pleasure we provide the ideal combination of products and packaging for each of your special purposes.


  • TWiNTEE product folder
  • TWiNTEE Polybag - Give Away
  • TWiNTEE Clearbox - BusinessCard
  • TWiNTEE Holzkiste - Members Gift
  • TWiNTEE Logobox - Packaging
  • TWiNTEE Magnetbox - Packaging
  • TWiNTEE Woodbox / Ammo Box - Packaging
  • TWiNTEE Ladybag - Packaging
  • TWiNTEE Polybag - Packaging
  • TWiNTEE Clearbox - Packaging

Innovativ & popular

Golf professional all over the world like to play our tees ...


Customize YOUR own tee!

It is possible to print any kind of logo or picture on the top ... 


... with sustainability

We manufacture in an environmentally friendly and compatible manner in austria ...


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