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TWiNTEE Customizer Tutorial - see how it works...

Design your personal Tee with our CUSTOMIZER 


There are things you have to do by your own, if you want to get the best out of them: creating your own golf tee, for example! Only if you design it by yourself, you can get a product that suits you perfectly and makes you feel good - every day, again and again on every tee shot.

You can combine the following PRINTING opportiunities: 

TwinTee Golftee, Sweden Flag


With our Customizer you can simply get your favorite text printed on your personal TWiNTEE. If its your name or a fancy slogans ...  we offer no limits, ist all about your phantasy.

Furthermore you can combine your text with any kind of photo. 

TwinTee Golftee, Photo


Have you ever thought about your golf tee with a photo of a special memory or a special golf shot?  With TWiNTEE Customizerthis is easy to make! Just upload a image, set the position and you will receive your personalised golf tee immediately. You can also combine it with a any kind of text.

TwinTee Golftee, Headstart


You are the owner of a company or promoter of a golf tournament and want to present your logo on a golftee? No problem! With our customizer you can simply upload your predetermined logo in our system and create your personal give away that will be remembered such as your company!

customizer twintee apple pc

Print quality

To achieve the best print quality, your file (jpeg or png) should meet the minimum criteria:

600x600 px, 300 DPI or as .svg

» By uploading your files you confirm to have the rights to use them.

Font size

Fonts how are smaller than the"default size" can be printed too, but they are not readable on the golf tee any more. We recommand to use less letters in one line, but those once in a bigger size to match eyes. 

Your TWiNTEE Team 


The prices in our customizer are already including all costs for printing and packaging. You can choose from the following length:  

70 mm
55 mm
35 mm

No plate costs will be charged!

twintee - all in one

The Printing Prozess

The digital printing process is one of the most modern and high-quality printing methods currently available on the market. We have perfected this technique for golf tee printing and processed it for the most detailed resolution. The ECO UV ink does not dry out in ambient air, but is cured directly after application to the surface of the tee by use of a UV lamp.

This method offers the most realistic color quality for logos (Pantone, CMYK or other color systems), which is especially important for customers who what to share theis corporate identity. The durability is very stable, the resolution and the print sharpness are even more accurate than in all other printing processes. It meets the highest requirements. With this method, we can print your logo or photo in best quality on our TWiNTEE.

Try it and get convinced by yourself …

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